April 18, 2018

SEO definition and explanation

What is SEO Marketing? Often heard, not always understood: Many people do not know what search engine optimization is about and ask themselves the question: What does SEO Marketing mean? According to SEO definition , SEO is the  abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and translates to: search engine optimization. SEO includes all optimization measures, tactics and strategies Onpage and Offpage, with […]
March 11, 2018

The perfect combination of SEO and SEM

Surely you have often seen the acronyms SEO and SEM in the world of online marketing. But … Are you clear about what each one refers to and above all how to combine them to obtain the best efficiency for your business? We explain everything to you. MEANING OF SEO AND SEM The first two letters SE are acronyms for Search […]
March 10, 2018

Make Social Media to do SEO

Since its inception, web positioning has changed, it has evolved. Now it is more logical, and, of course and as a consequence, nowadays it is much more natural.   Although there are SEO professionals (I know some) who make a strong distinction between Social Media and SEO, I believe that the best tactic to achieve a good […]