April 18, 2018

What are meta tags?

Meta Tags Definition and application possibilities in search engine optimization What are meta tags? Webmasters use these components of a website to help search engines understand information about the site. They are placed at the top of an HTML document and can convey a wide variety of data – for example, information about the content or keywords of a […]
April 18, 2018

SEO definition and explanation

What is SEO Marketing? Often heard, not always understood: Many people do not know what search engine optimization is about and ask themselves the question: What does SEO Marketing mean? According to SEO definition , SEO is the  abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and translates to: search engine optimization. SEO includes all optimization measures, tactics and strategies Onpage and Offpage, with […]
April 18, 2018

What is Content Marketing?

The definition to the question: What is Content Marketing?  Informative and entertaining texts motivate customers to buy – that is the core of every content strategy. The idea is not new and began its triumphant advance as early as 1985, when US-American agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere first informed farmers with its own magazine about new, profitable […]
April 13, 2018

Five linkbuilding basics that companies should not miss

Our Top 5 Linkbuilding Tips Backlinks are also an important Google ranking factor in 2018. A high-quality backlink setup is often time-consuming and labor-intensive, but companies can also create good fundamentals for their backlink profile with a few simple measures. Here are our top 5 linkbuilding tips for beginners: 1. Entries in industry-specific directories In contrast to general […]