5 Tips to optimize your content for voice searches in 2020

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July 26, 2018
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5 Tips to optimize your content for voice searches in 2020

voice search content 2020

How to start optimizing your blog content for voice search?

As we had mentioned at the beginning of the year, within the 2019 Digital Marketing trends we find the growing number of users who use voice search. There is no doubt that the way in which we search for information on the internet is constantly changing, and nowadays more and more users are searching for content by voice, and not only through mobile: AlexaGoogle Assistant, and other assistants Voice are increasingly present in homes. In fact, by 2020, it is estimated that 30% of the total searches performed on the internet will be performed by voice assistants.

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Users tend to look for tools that simplify and facilitate our daily lives, where the search for information is already a basic and daily task. The fact that we access voice search engines more and more is mainly because this allows us to search for information more quickly, without having to stop typing, or think about how to type it, something similar to what happens with text messages and Voice messages Voice search allows us to interact naturally.

But this is not a phenomenon that only concerns the younger generations: 2 out of 5 adults conducted at least one voice search in the last year. In fact, there are advertisements, such as those of Alexa (Amazon Assistant) that are increasingly promoting the use of these devices in older adults.

The challenge in this context is that the pages manage to appear in the main results of the voice search, which not only means having a website optimized for mobile version, but also understanding that the language we use to tell something is news, and educational content, etc., is extremely relevant to achieve this goal. In other words, how we solve the doubts of those who seek content in this way.

5 tips to optimize your website’s SEO for voice searches

  1. Use a colloquial language: Using a more spontaneous and everyday language in the articles you publish on your company’s blog or in its news section will be key to increasing the chances of coincidences with a user’s search.
  2. Long tail: Long-tail keywords are fundamental to this SEO strategy, as they will be more related to the way users search their voice searches.
  3. Answer questions: Think about the questions you would ask to know more about the content you offer. Include them in your H2 headings and in the body of the text before providing an answer. Ask what, how, where, when and why.
  4. Find Backlinks(Links or links that point from other web pages to your content) that are relevant and are really related to the content you generated.
  5. The semantics: In addition to being concise and simple to read, in the contents, it is important that you use synonyms to enrich the language in which you write and to create keywords that offer more variables. In this way, you will increase the chances of getting right with how users will search.

For example:

Type: Tips to perform a content marketing strategy.
Voice:   How do I carry out a content marketing strategy? Typing: The best filter apps for Instagram. Voice:   Show me the best apps for Instagram.

Some technical aspects that you should check

  • Set up your company Google My Business, so that your business appears easily in local Google search engine.
  • Optimization of your website: As we mentioned above, it is important that your website is optimized for mobile devices since a large part of voice searches come from smartphones is your website compatible?
  • Page load speed: The average page load speed for a voice search result is 4.6 seconds.
  • A secure site: HTTPS website dominate voice search results.
  • Authority websites: Domains with higher authority are more likely to appear in the first results, so building quality backlinks and high quality content is essential.


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