Automation of marketing processes: the future of B2B and B2C

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Automation of marketing processes: the future of B2B and B2C

The automation of marketing processes is now a reality, something without which neither the companies nor the market would know how to live. We refer, as you will suppose, to the proliferation of platforms and apps dedicated to big data , to the commercialization of software dedicated to the improvement of processes, to analyzing and converting into billions of data that are automatically collected through the social networks, contact forms, application download platforms … The automation of marketing processes is the present and the future of B2B and B2C and in this article we tell you the reasons.

The why of marketing process automation

The automation of marketing processes is a present reality in most large national and international companies, but have you ever wondered why?

There are many and varied reasons that explain why CEOs, CIOs and managers of large companies have welcomed with open arms the automation of processes related to B2B and, above all, with B2C. But the most powerful reason of all is, also, the simplest: its profitability.

The automation of marketing processes is extremely profitable for companies that decide to invest in it as it increases the effective productivity of all our staff and minimizes errors . We see it in more detail in the following two sections.

Process automation increases productivity

From a B2B point of view , process automation increases the performance and productivity of administrative and accounting personnel.

From the point of view of the B2C and thanks to the automation of processes, a single employee can efficiently deal with several different marketing accounts effectively and efficiently.

From both points of view – B2B and B2C – the implementation of marketing processes allows the company to implement various motivation policies , a motivation that, let’s not forget, directly affects the degree of satisfaction of our staff: it reduces their desire to abandoning our work team and looking for employment in the competition, increasing their sense of belonging to the group, etc.

We refer to policies such as teleworking, flexible working hours , etc., specific motivation actions that would not be possible without the automation of processes that have been introduced naturally in all companies and organizations around the world.

Process automation minimizes human errors

The amount of data involved today in any B2B or BTC process is huge and the current market, competitive and globalized, requires companies to interpret this data in an agile and, above all, fast . How can a human being process intelligently and without errors that continuous bombardment of digital data? Automating processes.

The automation of the processes of selection, analysis and exploitation of data about customers, consumption trends, economic variables, commercial interests, etc., minimizes the amount of logical human errors that are produced by the impressive amount of data handled today. any great organization especially in its departments of communication, digital marketing, public relations .

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