Instagram trends for the success of your business

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May 7, 2018
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July 26, 2018
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Instagram trends for the success of your business

Promoting your business in social networks means being close to the approximately 20 million Spaniards who use them. However, among all the social networks available, there is one that lives its best moment: Instagram . This platform was, according to that same report, the one that increased its users last year.

This data collected in the  Annual Study of Social Networks 2017, conducted by iab, reveals the need to be present in the networks, as well as the importance of exercising social media marketing A concept referred to the planning of certain actions in social networks to promote your services and / or products trying also to strengthen the link with your target audience.

Below are the Instagram trends that will make your business succeed in this popular social network.

Stream live

The great success of the platform has been to include the option of making live videos. The live format  has penetrated fully among the users. Report a great benefit to brands that, through this option, can humanize and bring the company closer to its followers.

The colloquially called ‘direct’ allow, thanks to the last update, to invite another person to the video. That is, two users share the same transmission. An internal chat allows the viewers to communicate with the ‘protagonist’ and, if a follower loses the broadcast, the content can be saved for 24 hours in the profile.

Make the most of stories

The stories  have been gaining followers and have become the most characteristic of the application. So they have agglutinated much of the improvements. Before, there was only the option to tag users and add geo tags and hashtags – which is still important – but the latest updates have gone further.

The most recent ‘boom’ are the surveys that give us the option of, by launching a question and two options, to know the opinion of the public . This great novelty has received very good acceptance and its use has spread rapidly. In addition, it should be noted the simplicity of its use and the usefulness of discovering how many votes have been received, as well as who voted and what.

On the other hand, Instagram has made a leap in the world of links with the option to add a link to the stories. However, this option is restricted to accounts with company profiles that have more than 10,000 followers.

The carousel format

The  study of Metricool, on the use of social networks last year, reveals that it is the method that generates the most interaction . It is a format that allows you to combine up to ten photos and videos in the same publication. Very useful when uploading content that is related.

Promote your business on Instagram

The draws, promotional codes and discounts have become a claim by users. Its effectiveness is notorious. Instagram is the ideal social network to carry out these promotional marketing campaigns that seek to give visibility to the products and / or services of a business.

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