SEO copywriting: Write content optimized for SEO

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April 27, 2018
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SEO copywriting: Write content optimized for SEO

Have you written a blog for a long time and do not receive as many visits as you would like? Do you have an online store and want to attract more potential customers? What you need is to master SEO copywriting .

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is the combination of web positioning and content writing. It is a technique that will help your content to position itself better in the search engines, and may even reach the first search results in the SERPs.

As you know, getting a good ranking in the search results is essential to make your texts more read, which in turn will encourage more people to share them through social networks and can even become content. viral . Do you want to learn how to master SEO copywriting?

Write content optimized for SEO

When it comes to writing optimized content for SEO it is important to have three clear things: originality , interest and quality . Content optimized for SEO that meets these three requirements is quality content .

It is essential that the content meets the search needs of the user. If a person searches on Google how to make croquettes, what he expects to find are results with recipes of croquettes, that is, results that help him solve that specific need.

Google likes that users who come to him as a search engine are satisfied. That is why it rewards with good positions in the SERPs to those quality web pages that contribute to satisfy the needs of said users.

You can be an expert in SEO and have no idea about content writing, you can be a great writer and ignore the most basic SEO aspects or you can do SEO copywriting, know how to write content optimized for SEO .

To master SEO copywriting you must know the fundamental aspects of SEO and make sure that the content you write is of quality , original and interesting . It is not necessary to be a Nobel Prize in Literature or a digital marketing guru to write content optimized for SEO. To make a good SEO copywriting, you just need to know the following guidelines:

Find the right keywords

The content you write must be directed to the positioning of one or more keywords . If you have a recipe blog and want to write a post about a recipe for croquettes, the most important thing is to be clear about what you want to convey, in this case, how croquettes are made. Making sure that your post responds to the need of the user performing the search is the first step.

Now, what keyword do you use? Maybe you think that the keyword “recipe of croquettes” is more sought after than “how to make croquettes” or “how to prepare croquettes”. In this sense it is better to forget what one can believe or think and really check what are the most sought after keywords. In more than one occasion you will be surprised.

You can use tools like Keyword Planner or SEMRush to know the volume of searches. Once you have identified the most interesting keywords, I recommend you do the search yourself on Google and ask yourself which keyword has more / less competition to find the winning keyword. Try to find the balance between search volume and competition .

Optimize the URL

It is essential to optimize the URL for the word that you are interested in positioning and on which the content relates. Try to be clear and concise with URLs, use scripts to separate the words and eliminate all those that do not add value such as prepositions and conjunctions. These types of words are known as stop words .

Find a cool title

How many cooking blogs are there recipes for croquettes? I have not stopped to count them, but I can assure you that they are many. When choosing a title for your text, it is advisable to contribute something that differentiates you from the rest . Avoid the basics and play with the imagination. Creative titles work great in social networks and generate more engagement . Make sure your title has between 50 and 70 characters so that it can be read well in the search engines.

  • Example of basic title : The 10 best croquettes recipes
  • Example of a cool title : 10 recipes of finger-licking croquettes

The power of the meta-description

The meta-description is the text that appears just below the title and the URL in the search results. Although the meta-description does not influence the positioning of your page, it is really interesting to attract the user’s attention . Using a good meta-description can make the user opt for your page and not for another competitor’s. You have a maximum of 155 characters to awaken the user’s interest and invite you to visit your page summarizing what you will find in it.

  • Example of bad meta-description : In this blog we show you the 10 best recipes of croquettes.
  • Example of good meta-description : Did you think that you would never be able to overcome your grandmother’s croquettes? Take a look at these 10 croquettes recipes. They are yummy!

Structure the text consistently with logical headers

It facilitates the reading to the user structuring the content in a coherent way through headings ordered in a logical way . First goes the H1 header , then the H2 , then the H3, and so on. Do not opt ​​for a too forced structure. It is good to use an H1 and the occasional H2, the H3 can be interesting from time to time, but do not use more headers if you do not need them.

Structure the content in different paragraphs and pay attention to both punctuation marks and spelling so that the user can understand well what you are talking about. In addition, if you accompany the text of images or videos the reader will also appreciate it.

Following all these guidelines and writing original, quality content that responds to the needs of the user to capture their interest you will have an optimized post for SEO . Do you know any other trick to master SEO copywriting?

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