How to Choose the Right Keywords

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April 29, 2018
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April 29, 2018
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How to Choose the Right Keywords

When we have our website, whether in the form of a blog, online store or web page, it is very important to position ourselves in the top positions of search engines in the sector of activity to which we dedicate ourselves. But how do we do it? For search engines to interpret our content well, we must guide them and we do this through keywords or Keywords.

What is a keyword?

Keywords are the words or phrases with which we identify our services or products and to detect them, we must obtain them from the content of our website and must define exactly our product, not in a generic way. They can be composed by more than one word, and sometimes they give rise to complete sentences. They are fundamental for our SEO positioning .

How to Choose the Keywords Correctly (example)

Most of the time the keywords are composed of several words, which we know as Long tail that will help us to refine our niche and make us find more customers we want to reach our website. A good way to find the long tail to position is through the bar Mozbar

Let’s imagine that we sell designer shirts. A priori we can occur the following keywords: shirts, shirts, shirts on the internet, … These are all very generic keywords, since people may be looking for classic shirts, and then when they enter our website they will see which are all design, very striking, … then these keywords must be removed from our list and specify more, you can help from tools such as Google Trends , to find out if that keyword has a good search trend or not.

For example; sale of designer shirts, visitors who come to our website from this keyword are looking for exactly what we sell and if they become potential customers. The rest comes by chance and is not effective.

Advantages of a good keyword

  • Attracts qualified traffic
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Improves bounce rates
  • Improved positioning in the market niche

Once we know how to correctly choose the keywords and we have our list, we must optimize them over time, that is, we will have to periodically analyze the traffic they report, the sales they generate, … so we will improve and adapt to the changes in the search processes of the users, which are in continuous change.


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