What is Content Marketing?

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April 13, 2018
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What is Content Marketing?

The definition to the question: What is Content Marketing? 

Informative and entertaining texts motivate customers to buy – that is the core of every content strategy. The idea is not new and began its triumphant advance as early as 1985, when US-American agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere first informed farmers with its own magazine about new, profitable methods and technologies. The Internet and the steadily growing importance of search engine rankings through search engine optimization (SEO) opened up completely new possibilities for content marketing.

What is Content Marketing in the Age of the Internet?

The founder of the renowned US-American Content Marketing Institute has shaped the content marketing definition like no other. This means a marketing method that uses content to inform, entertain and enthuse certain target groups. In terms of this content marketing definition, this process is an important part of corporate communication. Depending on the target, “content marketing” is at the center of comprehensive brand building and / or an inbound marketing strategy. Inbound means that the customer is not provided with information directly (eg with direct mailings), but that the customer finds the company. Content Marketing does not reach the customer directly,

Why Content Marketing? The most important goals

A content strategy aims to

• to engage its target audience with informative, entertaining or advisory content,
• to convince them in this way of the company, its products and services and
• to attract them as new customers, or to bind them as regular customers to the company.

The goal of motivating customers to buy is achieved through relevant and valuable content such as: texts, videos, pictures or applications. These must be constantly created and published in the industry-specific target group.

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