What are meta tags?

SEO definition and explanation
April 18, 2018
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April 27, 2018
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What are meta tags?

Meta Tags Definition and application possibilities in search engine optimization

What are meta tags? Webmasters use these components of a website to help search engines understand information about the site. They are placed at the top of an HTML document and can convey a wide variety of data – for example, information about the content or keywords of a website . Users do not see meta tags because they are only read by search engine crawlers.

Meta Tags Definition: How are meta tags structured?

The structure of meta tags is always identical. They provide information by name (name) and content (content), resulting in the following structure:

You can specify various information such as language or audience as name, for example followed by German and All as content.

How important are meta tags for search engine optimization?

The importance of meta tags for search engine optimization has declined over the last two decades. Previously, they were an important criterion for ranking a website. Since the algorithms of the search engines have evolved, meta tags today only play a subordinate role in SEO . However, they can certainly influence.

Which meta tags are especially important for the SEO?

In addition to robots tags, the title of a page and the meta description are among the most important meta tags. Those can understand and interpret search engines. Robots tags help to control the indexing of a page. While the meta description is not officially a ranking factor, the title acts as such. Both appear in the search results and can affect the click-through rate ( CTR ).

Are Meta Tag Keywords Important?

Meta tag keywords used to be very important. They could be manipulated by naming key terms in the meta tags that did not match the actual content of the page. Over time, the meaning subsided, especially through measures such as Google updates (Panda, Penguin). Today they are almost unimportant. If you want to know more about Meta Tags, you can get more information now.

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