SEO definition and explanation

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April 18, 2018
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SEO definition and explanation

What is SEO Marketing?

Often heard, not always understood: Many people do not know what search engine optimization is about and ask themselves the question: What does SEO Marketing mean? According to SEO definition , SEO is the  abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and translates to: search engine optimization. SEO includes all optimization measures, tactics and strategies Onpage and Offpage, with which Internet content should be placed as highly as possible in the search engines. Together with SEA , SEO forms the Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ), which together is a sub area of ​​online marketing.

Which tasks belong to search engine optimization?

A good SEO explanation includes the different tasks of search engine optimization. SEO is divided into on- page and off-page measures Below you will find B EXAMPLES for on-page SEO :

Keyword Optimization

Optimizing website texts for frequently searched keywords so that users can find them in search engines.

Technical SEO

Website-related ranking factors such as the improvement of the loading speed, programming codes, URL structure as well as the file sizes of pictures, documents and applications,

Usability Optimization (UX)

Optimization of user guidance on user interfaces and menu structures for PCs and smartphones for intuitive operation of websites, online shops, etc.

Video and Pictures SEO (Universal Search)

Search engine optimization of images, graphics and videos for top rankings in Google’s image and video search.

Off page SEO are optimization measures that are carried out outside of websites and shops, etc., because these are also very important ranking signals for search engines. Below are examples of Off page SEO.

Link building

Link building is understood as the deliberate setting of backlinks from other websites to one’s own. The more links from other domains lead to the own page, the more the so-called domain popularity increases which is a very important factor for Holistic SEO optimization. Search engines assume that websites or domains with many links are very relevant, as they are so often recommended. Link building used to be the most important SEO part, but since about 2010, this factor has become significantly less important, but it is still an important indicator.

Reputation Management

Reputations-Managent also belongs to the search engine optimization and describes the targeted influencing of the reputation of websites in the Internet (online image). This is about picking up a company’s reputation in search engines and countering negative factors such as bad reviews, shit storms, as well as creating positive corporate news through PR campaigns.

How does SEO work?

Previously, a website was considered search engine optimized, if certain keywords were placed as often as possible in website texts (keyword stuffing) and countless backlins of x-arbitrary domains were set (Black Head SEO). So, luckily, SEO no longer works today. Nevertheless, keywords play an important role: the right choice now only succeeds through detailed research, analysis and revision of relevant key terms. Also important: publish unique content and generate traffic through links. In addition, there are many smaller set screws that need to be turned for good positioning. Professional SEO is hard work and requires a continuous and holistic optimization of all onpage and offpage areas.

SEO goals: Why is search engine optimization good?

Website owners aim to use search engine optimization to reach top rankings in Google’s organic search results (SERPs) from Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and to increase their online reach to their target audience. In short, SEO aims to automatically find websites or online stores from prospects and customers so they can buy your products or use services

Why should I run SEO permanently?

To stay successful and compete against the ever-increasing competition, it is important to understand SEO as an ongoing process. Anyone who only has his site optimized once and then does nothing more will sooner or later be overtaken by its competitors and may lose its market position. In addition to a professional and easy-to-use web presence, the most important ranking factor is the ongoing success of offering its target group real added value. Only with sustainable and holistic optimization measures SEO leads to the goal.


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