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The best WhatsApp tricks

WhatsApp like a Pro: With these tricks you are up to date with the features of the messenger! Because they are so hidden that you do not even get them .

Tricks for WhatsApp chats

• Using Photo Stickers
Mega News for iPhone users: For them, since the latest update to WhatsApp, there are photo stickers that show the user’s current time and location. You can find them via the Emoji button in the photo editing. Besides chats, you can also use them for your status and editing GIFs or videos.

• Chatting Chats
Very simple: Tip under “Chats” as long as the desired chat with WhatsApp, until it is grayed out, then in the toolbar on the Pin. So you keep in spite of many conversations always your most important in view!

• Search for terms
Need some info from one of your Whats app chats? Open the menu and tap on “Search”. Now enter the desired term – the results will be highlighted.

• Responding to individual participants in group chats
To reply to a specific message in a WhatsApp group chat, tap and hold on it. Then select (on Android) the left arrow or “Reply” (on iOS). But you do not have to entertain the entire group: Put a “@” in front of the name of a group member. So it gets a direct message from you – even with a mute group!

• Share your live location
In a WhatsApp chat or group , select the “+” sign – a menu will appear, including the “Location” option. At this point you activate the “live location”. Privacy advocates find this rather questionable – but the function is very useful when you are on the way to someone or visit expected: you see when the other arrives. Also, you can let others know that you are in a safe place. If several users in a group share their location, they can all be seen on the map at the same time .

Tricks for Whatsapp News

• Answer on the lock screen React
faster to messages? Sure, of course! In iOS you go in the settings on “Messages” -> “WhatsApp”. Activate “In the lock screen”. For Android at the three points in the top right on “Settings” -> “Notifications” -> “Pop-up notifications” -> “Only if screen off”.

• Format text messages
Cool: WhatsApp works like a word processor! When writing, press and hold a word until it appears highlighted. You can also mark several words or even a whole sentence. Then tap on the option symbol in the dialog box that appears and scroll to the formatting options. Now you can edit your text as you like!

• Share full photo albums
iPhone owners were the first to use this feature in the official app: if you send at least four photos at once, WhatsApp will automatically group them together for an album! Anyone who wants can then access all the images belonging to the respective album. Only these are by default no longer individually and each other displayed in the chat window – which is much clearer than the previous presentation.

• Delete messages
Within seven minutes (!) Of sending you can still delete a message. Hold it down longer. In the menu that appears, select “Delete” -> Dustbin icon -> “Delete for all”. As confirmation appears “This message was deleted” – unfortunately also at the receiver! To delete multiple messages, hold down the first one until it is highlighted. Now choose more with and then dispose of all together … Mega: From May 2018 you have a total of 68 minutes to delete a message later!

Tricks for WhatsApp calls

• Simplified voice recordings
Finally, the microphone icon is not pressed all the time! If it is pressed longer, a slider with lock symbol now appears. You wipe it up – and the recording goes on by itself! If you promise, you can cancel the recording by pressing “Cancel”.

• Video calls with picture-in-picture feature
Tip on a video call the “back” button – and the video picture of the caller changes into a small window, which you place somewhere on the edge of the screen, where it does not bother you. Now you can during the conversation z. B. switch to another text chat or use another app. Attention: Until now this only works under the operating system Android 8!

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