Five linkbuilding basics that companies should not miss

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April 13, 2018
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Five linkbuilding basics that companies should not miss

Our Top 5 Linkbuilding Tips

Backlinks are also an important Google ranking factor in 2018. A high-quality backlink setup is often time-consuming and labor-intensive, but companies can also create good fundamentals for their backlink profile with a few simple measures. Here are our top 5 linkbuilding tips for beginners:

1. Entries in industry-specific directories

In contrast to general industry books or web catalogs, sector-specific directories only list pages relevant to your branch of industry. Maybe you already know such directories from your industry, otherwise worth a quick search. Attention: Some of these directories are free of charge, others charge a fee for registration.

2. Associations / organizations in which you are a member

If you are part of an association or other organization with your company, chances are good to get a link there. Many associations keep an overview of their members on their website, or present them for example in blog posts.

3. Mentions

If your brand / company name is mentioned on a page, do not hesitate to ask for a link. As you become aware of the Mentions? For example, you can create Google Alerts for your brand name. There are also some other tools on the net that mentions can find.

4. Sponsorship

“Do good and talk about it” is an old marketing wisdom – and it also works for link building. Your company supports clubs, events or educational institutions? Then they are certainly willing to present you with a link on their website.

5. Offline Marketing

Whether in personal contact with customers, on business cards or even by means of a sticker on the company car: mention your website! Beyond the limits of the online world can lead to more brand awareness, traffic and finally links!

Of course, these 5 link building tips are just the foundation. Effective links that will strengthen your website often require a lot of preparation time and strong content that is recommended by others.

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