Gmail gets new design and new features

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March 24, 2018
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Gmail gets new design and new features

Gmail will get a new look and new features in the near future. The innovations will be tested in the next weeks.

Google is giving Gmail a new design. In the coming weeks, the web front end is at least for experimental testers fresher and tidier present and get some new features, as the US IT news site The Verge reports.


So there will be future functions for the web frontend like Smart Reply (AI-based Gmail proposes here on the basis of the last mails with the appropriate contact some short answers, which the user can then select with a finger pressure) and Snooze (the mails will then appear at a later date that you can set again in the Inbox folder). In addition, Gmail should generally get offline support (while the mails are stored on the computer for offline access).


The Google Calendar should be available after the update directly from the Gmail frontend. For this, Google adds a new sidebar to the right of Gmail where the calendar can fit. The user should be able to choose between three layouts, one of which highlights attachments. Another of the three upcoming Gmail layouts, on the other hand, is intended to show a compact summary list that is closest to the current Gmail view.


First of all, users of the G-Suite and private Gmail will be offered the Gmail update as part of an early-access program. During this test phase, Google wants to test compatibility with problematic Chrome extensions. Later, all users of the free Gmail will enjoy the new features.

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