Create screenshots with iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone

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Create screenshots with iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone

To take screenshots with iPad, iPad Pro or iPhone. Incidentally, the procedure is very easy!

To take a screenshot of a content on the iPad screen, you do not need another digital camera. Nor do you have to put the smartphone on the next copier or scanner to take a screenshot.

Create screenshot with iPad

With the on-board tools of iOS you can easily make the screenshot by pressing the home button and the on / off switch at the same time. The on / off switch is still on top of the new models of the iPad Pro series. That’s the whole trick. The screen briefly turns white, it sounds like a camera shutter – so here we are dealing with an acoustic skew morphism. The image of the screen then lands in the iPad’s Photos app , not only in the collection of all the photos called Camera Roll, but also in the screenshots on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac provided smart album “screen shots”.

Create screenshot with iPhone

The iPhone works the same way. The on / off button can be found on the iPhone from the model generation 6 at the top right edge of the case, previously (up to and including iPhone 5S and iPhone SE), the switch was mounted above. The Home button, however, is the only button on the front of the iPhone. It’s best to first press the on / off button and then hit the Home button, because a little bit longer pressure on this will activate Siri – so you run the risk of being connected to the voice assistant if it’s not fast enough also press the on / off switch.

Take a screenshot with the Apple Watch

Even until watch OS 3.2, the screenshots on the Apple Watch often get inadvertently, you only had to press the digital crown and the side key next to it at the same time. Since the latest version, there is a backup. Say, who wants to take screenshots on the Apple Watch, must activate the function for the first time. The controller can be found in the watch app on the iPhone in the “General” section. The screenshots taken land as usual in the folder “Screenshots” on the iPhone.

Incidentally, screenshots of the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch have something in common that sets them apart a great deal from those on the Mac : the principle “completely or not at all” applies – only the entire screen can be scanned and no excerpts from it. Similarly, the format of the images can not be selected, iOS always saves them as PNG.

Transfer screenshots from iPhone, iPad to Mac

If the Mac is a newer generation, you can Airdrop endeavor, the wireless technology transfers the photos or screenshots in one of the Finder folder on the Mac. From there you can edit, send or archive them. Without Airdrop, however, the matter becomes a little more cumbersome: Sure, mail or iMessage would do too, now this method requires additional administrative overhead. Easier and faster is when you connect the iPhone or iPad to the Mac and start preview. Via the menu bar “File” select “Import from iPhone / iPad”. The dialog window allows saving in different folders, the simultaneous deletion of the iPhone, the list view also allows a detailed view in the technical data such as aperture, ISO, location, etc.

Screenshot on the iPhone via app

Of course, the iTunes Store also contains various apps that you can use to take screenshots. These then offer, for example, automatic scaling to different device sizes, so that they always look perfect, whether on an iPhone 4, iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 . In most cases, our combination of tactics (holding the home button and the on / off switch at the same time) should be sufficient for most purposes.

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