March 24, 2018
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March 24, 2018
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Help, why do not I take it off? Sure, because you’re probably going to make one of those 6 training and nutritional mistakes. We tell you how to lose weight more effectively

Losing weight is a tough fight. And as with any good fight, the winner is not stuck from the start. At first, it may look as if you have the excess kilos fully under control, the duel with the scales seems almost won. But then the weight loss slows down , the balance is frozen and you ask yourself: Why do not I stop taking it?

1st reason why you do not lose weight: the wrong portion size

Many men underestimate the importance of having only the quantity on the plate actually needed to quench hunger and energize. Who appraises with a sense of proportion does his character no favor. Especially when it comes to the last annoying kilos to go to the neck. For example, adding an extra tablespoon of peanut butter or honey to your daily smoothie in the morning adds up to 120 calories in addition, and that’s about 840 extra calories a week that you could really use better.

The solution: If the results do not go out, you must do portion control. For example, one serving of beef is about 85 grams (about the size of a card game), a serving of ice cream is half a cup (about the size of a tennis ball). In the beginning you should measure portions. If you have done this a few times, you can estimate your portions the next time without any problems with the eye. The closer you get to your desired weight, the more petty and economical you have to deal with the calories.

2. Reason why you do not lose weight: too many cheats as a reward

There’s nothing wrong with eating a piece of cake after a hard workout, right? Unfortunately, wrong thought! When it comes to weight loss, snacking after exercise is more than counterproductive. For example, those who want to reward themselves for a sustained 10-kilometer run with a cake will stupidly consume more calories than they would have burned while doing sports. And that adds up naturally. Here and there “reward calories” and you’ve already feasted so many calories that another day in the week is necessary to slim out of the number again.

The solution: Rather than reward yourself with a whole burger , a creamy bee sting or a portion of fries, why not snatch a small amount of your favorite sin: a rib of dark chocolate or a spoonful of vanilla ice cream. A small reminder: Only 10 to 20% of the calories we consume daily should come from junk food. If you do not see any results on the scale, you should minimize the rewards to 10%. Men who are very active can consume as much as 2,800 calories per day, of which 280 calories may be snacks and sweets.

3. Reason for weight loss: overconfidence in one’s own fitness

If you suddenly train more, you tend to avoid extra exercise in everyday life. First you rip up the buttocks in the gym and then jump into the elevator to quickly plopp on the couch with your car. After all, you’ve already burned so many calories in the gym that you do not have to move now – and you’re already in the weight loss trap.

The solution:  Exercise in everyday life helps enormously with weight loss and also contributes to one’s own motivation. It’s very easy: just take the stairs instead of the lift, take a walk with the dog, kick a bit with the son or take a certain number of steps to the destination and the pounds will tumble on their own.

4. Reason why the kilos do not tumble: they do not eat enough

If you move a lot, you automatically have more appetite. After the workout you often have cravings and shovels in a lot of unnecessary stuff. The result: The training was for the cat.

The solution:  instead of hungry for training and then overeating, just before the workout a small snack to control hunger. But: rather light diet, so as not to exercise on a full stomach. An apple, for example, is perfect as a pre-workout snack and also gives you energy. A handful of almonds not only contains good fats, but also keeps hunger in check. Of course, a protein bar is also possible. If you train before or immediately after work, they will be able to eat afterwards. How to do it right: Take a small snack or even better a protein shake right after your workout. Then you reduce the risk of overeating at the next meal.

5. Reason for losing weight: You do not have a routine in the gym

Routine is especially important in the fight against the last kilos. If you fail a single workout, you run the risk of losing the next one. In any case, this was a British study. To lose weight you have to stick to the diet and exercise plan for a longer period of time. Another problem: Many exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses are often done wrong, because people do not take the time to learn the correct execution and to master properly.

The solution:  The more you work on the exercises, the sooner you will be able to train with more weight and decrease your weight. The extra weight helps to build up more muscle and eventually melt the fat. Only after 4 to 6 weeks should you think about exchanging the exercises.

6. Reason why it does not continue to lose weight: they do not regenerate properly

Those who do not stick to the training plan and above all to the rest periods make a mistake and will not lose weight as planned. Missing recovery periods can actually lead to weight loss, even if it sounds contradictory. Due to the heavy weights, the muscles in the body are extremely strained. Thereafter, the body needs time to recover and build muscle before challenging it again at the next workout.

The solution:  Many people do not understand how to get home, eat well, sleep a lot and drink enough to allow the body to recover. You can go to the gym a day later, as long as you have recovered well the night before. If you are a beginner, training 3 times a week is a good mediocrity. If you are impatient and want to see results as quickly as possible, you can go to the gym 6 times, but you should be sure to train different muscle groups. For example, if Monday is chest day, legs are on Tuesday to give the upper body enough time to relax.

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