Get the most out of the Android Play Store with these tricks

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March 24, 2018
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April 12, 2018
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Get the most out of the Android Play Store with these tricks

The official store of the operating system for mobile devices , Android, is one of the key points of the same, since it is the main source when it comes to downloading new applications, games, or movies , among other elements to use on a daily basis .

Although it can be said that the Play Store is easy to use, it hides some tricks that we should know in order to use it in the most appropriate way, so in these lines we will see some of the most recent functions integrated by Google and that will help us in these chores.

Test games and applications before downloading them

As I discussed a few days ago, the search giant just integrate the function called Instant Apps that allows us to test games and other apps from the own application store, all without having to install anything. This is a new feature that will be of great help to us to avoid downloading new tools that we later forget or erase .

Although for the time being the number of titles that we can use through this Instant Apps mode is limited, everything indicates that with the passage of time, the amount will increase. Say that at this time and being part of Instant Game play in the Play Store, we can find games like Clash Royale or Words With Friends 2 , among other titles.

Test beta versions

In the case that we want to know the new functions of the applications that interest us before anyone else and at the same time help developers to try these, we can choose to use beta versions in the Play Store. This is an excellent way to keep abreast of the latest news and to stay one step ahead of the updates, although you have to keep in mind that sometimes the betas are somewhat unstable.

There are several ways to access this type of apps in its Beta version, although one of the simplest is accessing the section called ” Beta Access ” of the Android Play Store itself , where we find categories such as new arrivals, unpublished applications , or the games in development.

Clear history of downloaded applications

In the case that we have downloaded a large amount of tools , something quite common, it is likely that we have hundreds of entries in our download history . This is something that can make it difficult to locate an app that we want to download again, so it is advisable to maintain a certain order in this section by means of a quick cleanup .

To do this, simply click on the menu in the upper left corner of the store and select the ” Settings ” option . Once here we move to locate ” Clear local search history .” Likewise, to remove individual applications from our history, we can do it from the same menu , in the ” My applications and games ” section.

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