Instagram – New features available now

March 20, 2018
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March 23, 2018
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Instagram – New features available now

Instagram now offers some new features. These will do the common good good and strengthen the inner bond. Definitely. No fun aside, the new features of Instagram have long been desired by the community and on the one hand to better refer to interests and on the other hand they prevent frustration when the post no longer appears in the timeline after reboot.


The latter is talking about some changes that Instagram announced on the user feeds, but before you get too excited, no, it’s not a return of the chronological feed. However, Instagram will begin placing newer posts at the top of the feed so that “your feed feels fresher and you do not mess up the moments that matter to you,” as the announcement says. In addition, the feed is no longer updated automatically and jumps back up. Instead, users can tap on a “New Posts” button that takes you to the top of the feed.


In addition, Instagram now allows users to link both hashtags and profile links in their bios. If you enter a “#” or “@” in the biography, it automatically becomes a live link leading to a hashtag or profile page.

In that sense, the function makes sense – after all, part of the success of Instagram depends on the ubiquitous use of hashtags. It is great, by the way, if you link to the account of another person, this receives a notification. She then has the option to remove the link from the profile. It is a good security measure that will certainly reduce the abuse of this feature.

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