The perfect combination of SEO and SEM

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March 10, 2018
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March 11, 2018
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The perfect combination of SEO and SEM

Surely you have often seen the acronyms SEO and SEM in the world of online marketing. But … Are you clear about what each one refers to and above all how to combine them to obtain the best efficiency for your business? We explain everything to you.


The first two letters SE are acronyms for Search Engine or search engine. Yes, we are referring to Google as it monopolizes the online search business in a monopolistic way, hoarding 92% of the total searches in Spain.

The third letter, for SE O means Optimization , and for SE M means Marketing .


These are the techniques that we can perform on our page to be as favorable as possible for the search engine. Google orders the results according to internal algorithms that are secret, as well as changing and very complex, since they include innumerable variables. Speaking clearly, what we will do doing SEO is to give Google what it asks for, or what it likes, to get it to put our page as high as possible in the list of results.

The investment in SEO does not reap its fruits immediately, but must be carried out over time, its effects being more visible after 6 months. However, it is a more long-term investment, since once achieved, it remains fairly stable over time .

How to do SEO remains a mystery to most mortals. Although in SoloMarketing we have given you many clues, look for more articles in our SEO category .


With SEM we basically refer to paying to leave in the highest area of the list of results. As you may have noticed, Google’s top results are often ads, this being the core of Google’s business and why it generates 90% of its revenue as a company.

Going out first the first day in Google has a cost and you have to be willing or willing to take it if you want traffic from minute one. In addition, these payments are PPC or Pay Per Click, so you will have to continue paying each click during the time you want to extend your campaign.

There is a lot of history behind the SEM. Creating a Google Adwords campaign is not trivial and there are many things to keep in mind to optimize our budget and achieve the highest conversion with the least investment. Rivers of ink have been written on the subject and if you are interested or interested I advise you to look for a good book . If you need results right now the best thing is to get an agency experienced in adwords management .


And we arrived at what was promised, how do I combine both techniques? Maybe you’ve already realized that while the results of SEO take time to arrive, once they are built they are more stable even if they stop investing in them. On the other hand, the SEM shows its effects from the first moment, but requires a constant investment.

The recommendation for the perfect combination is usually that, in an initial phase of marketing strategy for our page, we invest in SEM most of the budget, without forgetting to invest in SEO the rest.

When over time , and thanks to SEO, we start to have organic traffic and that traffic goes up, we can go spending less and less budget to SEM while we maintain our visits or increase them thanks to SEO.


As you may have suspected, behind these acronyms there is much more than meets the eye. If you’re going to do guerrilla marketing, we encourage you to read from a couple of books or take a couple of courses and start experimenting for yourself or doing SEO and SEM.

If on the other hand you are in a hurry and you need a professional option, there are many agencies that are dedicated to professional SEO and that can advise and advise to get the best results from the first day.

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