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March 9, 2018
March 10, 2018
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A few days ago we told you that WhatsApp is working to include the stickers, which will arrive very soon. The stickers that we already use in Facebook Messenger are coming to WhatsApp and we already know that they will be exclusive or some other details. Today, in addition, we know new packages.

Telegram already uses this type of stickers, also LINE or Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp comes a little late to the stickers but the company continues to strive in this new feature of which we already know its appearance and that continues to include new packs to make it as complete as possible.

We know that there will be stickers that match Facebook Messenger but there will be other exclusive ones. We also know that companies can launch stickers in specific promotion campaigns, for example. And although they are not available, today we can see many of the stickers that will arrive very soon.

They are not yet available in WhatsApp for iOS or WhatsApp for Android, not even in the beta version of the application. They are, but deactivated. We do not know when they will arrive but, as WA Beta Info shows, more and more stickers are added to the collection and we have already been able to take a look to know how they are.

Three new packs have been added to the collection: Cuppy, Salty and Bibimbap Friends. The first is a collection of coffee cups with different expressions. The second are designs and faces of different types and the third one seems, at first glance, that it is about pots and kitchen utensils doing things and also with different expressions. These three packs are added to those we had already seen with Unchi and Rollie among others.

At the moment we do not know when these new stickers will arrive but it seems that they are very close and we will have to wait very little to be able to use them day after day as we use the emojis in our conversations.

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