Make Social Media to do SEO

March 10, 2018
The perfect combination of SEO and SEM
March 11, 2018
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Make Social Media to do SEO


Although there are SEO professionals (I know some) who make a strong distinction between Social Media and SEO, I believe that the best tactic to achieve a good web positioning is to unite both.


It is a matter of following a more or less simple process, in which the first thing to do is analyze the key words to see exactly what is, first, our target, and then, which is the user in which we will focus. Next, the web should be optimized in favor of those keywords and to improve the user experience and the conversion rate, that is, the rate of visitors who, after being with us, become customers. And, of course, we can not forget, in addition to SEO, doing SMO, that is, the optimization of our social channels, since this way we will integrate resources that will help us viralize digital contents.


We already have the website optimized for SEO, to convert, and to viralize in social networks.

It is no longer a secret that having a good online presence today, a strong and well-built community and having a consistent activity in social networks, impacts search rankings. It influences SEO.


For example, the  Link Building , a fundamental technique for SEO positioning and which is still necessary today, has evolved and no longer seeks only to obtain links from other websites, but also takes into account (or should take into account) the links from social networks. One of the most optimal ways to get viral in Social Media are undoubtedly the infographics, which although their massive use are no longer so widespread in blogs and other online media, they still have a great dissemination in social environments.


Synthesizing, it is absolutely necessary to  do Social Media to do SEO , and for this:

  1. Web optimized for SEO, for the user and for content viralization (SMO).
  2. Presence and continuous activity in social networks (the most appropriate according to the sector).
  3. Natural Link Building that takes into account social links (get great viralization).

Little by little social networks will be much more important in terms of web positioning, since having a broad and active community, we will have a natural indicator and difficult to distort.

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