Patent dispute: BlackBerry goes against Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

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March 8, 2018
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Patent dispute: BlackBerry goes against Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

BlackBerry takes to court against Facebook, it is about seven patents, which are violated by both Facebook, as well as the daughters WhatsApp and Instagram.

Yes, those were still times when BlackBerry has built smartphones . I own my own smartphones and not the devices that are now being produced under license by TCL in China. The Canadians want to shrink healthy and are according to their own information also on the road to recovery.

The $ 815 million of Qualcomm , which could be brought back to court, also contributed to this. In addition, there is also a patent-clinch with Nokia and after these courses in court for BlackBerry seem to be quite lucrative, it is now caught on Facebook. The blue giant faces the accusation that both the social network as well as Instagram and WhatsApp – both also in the Facebook-owned – violate several messenger patents BlackBerrys.

The courts have now to clarify, according to the statement of BlackBerry extrajudicial discussions with Facebook for a long time, but were also completely unsuccessful. Specifically, it deals with encryption technologies in the messenger, the combination of mobile gaming and mobile messaging, app icons that show the number of unread messages, and other message-related patents, all of which read in the 117-page complaint itself can.

Facebook itself is also combative and accuses BlackBerry in turn, that the topic “innovation” for a long time ticked off and now only through judicial dispute coal wants to cash. It can read off the ailing state of the Canadian company well, Facebook continues.

Whoever is right, the judges will have to decide. Law must logically be right, and if Facebook has enriched itself at the expense of BlackBerry, that will hopefully be assessed as well. On the other hand, one wants to warn BlackBerry against blaming Facebook and others for their own failure. The company has maneuvered its own way into the misery by simply keeping your eyes closed for too long in the face of the latest smartphone developments.

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